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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I recently become somewhat distracted playing this new Wizard of Oz game online and it got me to thinking: What if we all had a yellow brick road and a band of singing munchkins directing us on our way through life?


If only it were that easy… Unfortunately, there is no yellow brick road, no dancing/singing munchkins with helpful little tidbits to help you along your way, no Glinda to show you the way and protect you as you set out towards your destination. Kind of unfortunate, isn’t it? But then, it might be to easy.

The ultimate question is: Which way now?


What is this ‘it’ I refer to? The frightening world of life after college. Especially in today’s job market. Many days I feel like I’m being kicked out on my keister without a second thought about it. I, along with my fellow graduates, have been in school for almost 2 decades – Kindergarten through college – and even more if you count pre-school or if you stay in college longer than four years, which seems to be a new trend in college.

I mean, I guess we all have a certain path we follow, but are they invisible? Are we just stumbling along, the road right beneath our feet, but we’re not able to (or don’t want to) see it? I wonder how many other people feel/felt this way once it was time for them to enter “the real world”? And what is it with that term “the real world”? What is it, we’re not in the real world until we’ve graduated from school? Like everything before that moment was pretend-fantasyland?


I have no answers, just hopes and, ultimately, many worries. But does anybody really have all the answers? If so, point me in their direction, I have a few questions. Until then, I, like everybody else, must remember: Follow the yellow brick road.


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