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Good Christian Belles?

This week’s blog is a little different. In the past year or so (back when the controversy was so hot), I stumbled upon (well, sought it out really) the book Good Christian Bitches, Kim Gaitlin’s debut novel about her experiences in her Texas hometown after a particularly nasty divorce and subsequent relocation.



“For Heaven’s sake… Never let God get in the way of a good story.” – Amanda Vaughn, Good Christian Bitches


I didn’t so much stumble upon this book as I did search it out. One day a couple of years ago, I was watching a news report about a new television show coming out called “GCB” – so named for profanity issues. Intrigued, I continued to watch, and discovered this new, controversial TV show was based off of Kim Gatlin’s debut novel. The criticism of the book’s title further intrigued me. People were making a mountain out of a molehill, because the title refers to Christian women as “bitches,” but if they would take the time to pick the book up, they would find that the title is immediately understandable. It is not referring to all Christian women as “bitches,” just the ones in the book (which technically are considered fictional). So, I put it at the top of my list of books to read, and when I finally got my hands on it, I wasn’t disappointed.


“Don’t take life too seriously, it’s not like you’ll make it out alive.” – Gigi Stopper, Good Christian Bitches


After moving away from her Texas home, marriage, two kids, and a terrible divorce – something that is completely unheard of in Amanda Vaughn’s upscale Texan neighborhood – Vaughn returns to her hometown in good old Texas in order to get back on her feet. As soon as Vaughn’s feet cross the border, rumors start flying about the mother of two. It’s immediately apparent that her old school chums are out to prove that Amanda Vaughn is yesterday’s news – worthy of being thrown in the trash.


“They say a woman’s loyalty only lasts as long as it taker her to hang up and dial again.” – Amanda Vaughn, Good Christian Bitches



Somewhat like its television counterpart GCB (which the network claimed stands for “Good Christian Belles,” then why not call it that?), written like a never-ending stream of gossip, the voice of the narrator and protagonist – Amanda Vaughn – is rather intoxicating. The way in which Kim Gaitlin wrote her main characters – from sweet, divorcee Amanda Vaughn, to her kooky, gun-loving, shopaholic mother, to the backstabbing women in her church congregation – Gaitlin manages to make you feel like you are a part of the story. From the very first page, you are brought deep into the Texan world represented, and, like a trashy gossip magazine you purchase at the checkout counter, devour the books, sucking the gossip and scheming from the pages like you would suck a chicken bone dry. From beginning to end, Kim Gaitlin creates a world you can see and almost feel – from the uncomfortable feeling of the congregation’s eyes boring into the back of Amanda Vaughn’s head, to the sticky, hot Dallas summertime sun. Good Christian Bitches is a page turner from beginning to end as you become lost in the gossip, schemes, and smooth writing style of Kim Gaitlin.


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