All About Attitude

It’s all about attitude. Head up. Think positively.


Things we all hear or say at one point or another in our everyday lives. Attitude becomes especially important when you are in the public eye, like many authors today are. Your attitude directly effects how people think of you. No question about it.

So, what happens when one of those people in the public eyes – author, actor, what have you – shows a disturbingly poor attitude about trifle things, such as criticisms?

This past week, my classmates and I were asked to read various articles and blog posts about reviewing books (for say Amazon, and such). While many of them passed by in a whirlwind of disjointed words, there was one that stuck to me.

It was a blog post by a woman named Corey Ann who had reviewed a book by Emily Giffin. After some pretty unjustified drama started between another reviewer and Giffin’s husband on Amazon, Corey Ann went in and changed her review from a four star to a one star review, because she could not, on good faith, recommend this book to others. Fair enough, right? Well, Giffin fans didn’t think so. The onslaught of insults and threats were unbelievable. Even though the author herself wasn’t involved in the drama war on Amazon, never once did she issue an apology on behalf of her fans (who were sending death threats by this time), and at one point even said that Corey Ann was enjoying the drama. Completely unbelievable. Yes, I’m sure everyone wants to come home to death threats on their answering machine over some book review (oh, a little sarcasm dripped through there). You can read more about it here.


Such poor attitudes on everyone’s parts just completely boggled my mind. When I finished I thought: Well, there’s another author I’ll never read.

I mean, no one is by any means “perfect.” But, come on. When someone in the public eye acts with such poor attitude, they can’t really expect people to just overlook it. I’m sure a lot of people still remember the whole Brooke Shields versus Tom Cruise mess ( I know, actors and authors are sometimes like apples and oranges, but still – poor attitude in play), as well as the mess with Mel Gibson a few years ago and of course all of Charlie Sheen’s lovely little tirades.

After reading Corey Ann’s poor ordeal, I’m kind of down on this whole reviewing books thing. I definitely have my opinions, as do many people, and I’m not opposed to to giving them, but I really don’t want death threats left on my voicemail. It’s just really not how I want to spend my day. So, then why should I or anyone else for that matter?

Attitude. In the end, that’s what matters in a lot of things. It affects your jobs, future endeavors, and how your friends and family see you.


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  1. What does this make YOU think about as someone who wants to be an author? Will it be difficult for you to maintain your composure when these things happen to you? Because they will. I know that it’s often incredibly difficult for me to deal with.

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