The Unappreciated…

Hello, all!

First, I must get this off my chest. I am a huge fan of the television show “Supernatural” and am pleased to inform you all that it has been renewed for a ninth season! For a show that wasn’t supposed to progress past it’s fifth season, it’s still going strong. You should all go out an watch it if you’re into that kind of stuff (ghosts, legends, demons vs angels, etc). The first seven seasons are available on Netflix Instant Play.

Okay, now on to the unappreciated, because let’s face it – Supernatural is obviously not unappreciated by a long shot.

Firstly, I found a single copy of some random British book entitled “Frozen Fire” at a little nothing kind of a book store in my hometown, which is smaller than most. Anyway, despite the fact that it’s obviously not geared towards readers outside of the London area, it is a fascinating tale, not weighed down by romance and such.  However, just because of a fact like that, it’s an unappreciated, incredibly intriguing tale that has only 325 reviews on Goodreads. Compared to Twilight’s insanely high 77,000+ reviews, it seems like an insignificant number. I implore you, if you enjoy a good mystery or adventure, give the book a chance.


Now, onto the unappreciated movie I found this weekend. Always adding random movies and television shows to the Instant Play feature on Netflix, I pick ones that sound interesting, no matter if I know the cast/crew or not. This time there was a movie named “From Time To Time” with Maggie Smith. Absolutely enchanting. Couldn’t have asked for a better surprise. I advise you all to go out an watch it. Once again, it’s something with a little mystery, intrigue, and adventure. Extremely imaginative and enchanting, but then again Maggie Smith picks her movies well.

So, here it is. The next time you’re walking through a bookstore/library, or are flipping through the channels (Netflix, OnDemand, etc) stop and take a chance on something you’ve never heard of, because you could be completely enchanted with it.


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  1. If your goal is to get more people to read Frozen Fire, how can you use your blog to accomplish that goal? Just telling people to “go read it” isn’t necessarily the way to go.

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