Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys

Pink is for girls, blue is for boys…something we’ve all heard or thought at one point or another, right? I’ll admit I used to think that, until I had a blue room, then I thought I was a rebel. But what is with these stereotypes, that certain things are for boys only and others are for girls only? Currently, one of my classes is dealing with the idea of stereotypes when it comes to reading (specifically, when it comes to reading comics), and it got me thinking: How many people actually fit into these stereotypes?


We were assigned a couple of readings about manga comics and throughout the entire reading, the idea kept coming up that comics are for men. Then, one of my classmates explained that because it’s written mostly by men, mostly men read it. But is that really true? In my head this explanation translated to: comics, adventure, horror, etc are for boys and girls should stick to romance. It’s thought that I’m supposed to be reading romance, instead of secretly snuggling up with horror books. Where do we get these ideas, anyway? Just because most romance books are written by women means that women are supposed to read them?

Some of my favorite authors are men (Stephen King, JM Barrie, Michael J Fox, etc) and my favorite female authors wrote books with male leads (JK Rowling, SE Hinton, etc), so what does that say about me? Does anyone actually fit into these stereotypes? I know I sure don’t.

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  1. Pfft. Comics aren’t just for men, or at least they shouldn’t be. Wonder Woman, for example, is a much more interesting character than her current boyfriend, Superman, and Y The Last Man, which was a comic written by a man for his girlfriend is one of the best series I’ve ever read, bar none.

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