A Sudden Hunger

Thirst. Hunger. Need. Want. All words associated with the sudden desire to devour more books than would seem humanly possible. Recently, my hunger for books has seemed insatiable. Ever year, my mom asks me to write up a Christmas list – a list of ideas for Christmas gifts so she’s not bumbling around in the dark and so I can still be surprised Christmas morning, not fully knowing what will be waiting for me. Being her only child, she still enjoys this part of Christmas very much, despite the fact that I am twenty-two. This year, I received five books among my gifts. Before I returned to campus I had already read four of them. Between December 25 and January 8, amidst the Christmas festivities, my grandparents’ anniversary, New Year’s celebrations, and my mom’s birthday, I was able to become completely lost in four separate books, all over 300 pages.

Upon my return home this past weekend, I had one major project: clean up my room. My mom is getting the house refinanced and is expecting an inspector, so my room needed to be in tip-top shape. This meant getting rid of the books that cluttered up my room. Besides the extremely large built-in bookshelf that encompasses one solid wall in the basement Rec room, I have a small collection on an even smaller bookshelf in my room – a place to put my absolute favorites, just inches from my bed. So, I pulled all the books around me and embarked upon the seemingly impossible task of choosing which would stay and which would be banished to the basement bookshelves – book shelves I have to climb in order to actually reach any of my books. During this brief stay, I informed my mom to keep an eye out for a delivery for me – more books, to my delight and her dismay. Not that she doesn’t like books, we are just running out of room to stash them.


When I told one of my friends how many books I had read, she looked at me, pure shock on her face, and demanded: “How do you do that???” I shrugged my shoulders. I don’t know. Do I graze? Do I daze off? Do I actually pay attention? I don’t know. I’d like to think I pay attention and take everything in. So, then, I began to wonder if it was the material I was reading. Was it too easy? I didn’t think so. Here’s my GoodReads, check it out for yourself.

Even now, I’m tempted to abandon this blog and pick up one of my books. Am I the only one who finds themselves reading like this at times? And not just out of necessity for work or school, but for fun? I hope not. I am reminded of a quote from Stephen King: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Is this what happened to me? Was I transported by the book’s magic, losing myself in it? I hope so.



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2 responses to “A Sudden Hunger

  1. Do you retain a lot of the details? Are you able to read ALL books quickly, or just some books? When a book demands that you slow down, do you?

    • I feel like the more interested I am in the characters/story line the faster I read and the more details I retain, and it’s pretty true to any book that captures my interest. However, when I come across one of those books that is slow from beginning to end, I find it harder to concentrate.

      I do find sometimes that I need to slow down with certain books because the author is bombarding me with so much detail, and I do my best to slow down so that I can take it all in.

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